Relax about Freya

Ciri of Color: Or Swallow, your Anger

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The Working Class in Video Games, Part 1

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Persona 5 tackles Misogyny in a Remarkable Way

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Are We Tired of Loot Yet?

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Kratos, Making a Better Father

God of War Buckethead

Video Games Cause Violence (2018) – Trump’d


Loot Boxes are Terrible

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The Superficial Sexuality of 2B


Cuphead: Fan Toxicity at the Intersection of Hype, Fear and Identity

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How to Freshen Up Assassin’s Creed

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Defending *that* IGN review; or, 7.8/10 Too Much Meme

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Stuck Wondering if Far Cry 5 can handle its Subject Material

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The Discussion of Sexualization Surrounding Bayonetta and her Games


JonTron is a Racist; PewDiePie was Probably Just an Idiot

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Interactive Narrative Games and Why Gone Home was a Really Good One

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Three Cool Video Game Ideas That Have Not Happened Yet For Some Reason – Women’s History Month Edition

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A Feminist Analysis of Doom (2016)


Rethinking the Demand for Open World Games

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Three Cool Video Game Ideas That Have Not Happened Yet For Some Reason

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Suppressing Fan Art is not Smart

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Fallout 4 has to Decide How Seriously it Wants to take Substance Use Disorders


Deus Ex: Mankind Divided on Racism — How it Succeeded, How it Failed, and How it could do Better in the Future

Sony wants their PS4 Pro to compete with PCs by being a Mediocre PC